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Sunday, June 19, 2005

we sat in the area known as "the 6th grade patio" at grandview elementary school, even though we were all in highschool.

it was near midnight, and all of us were having fun at Mark's expense, because mark didn't get loaded all the time. we were at the school because it was a place to be loud and drunk without getting in too much trouble. all we needed was enough 40 oz'ers, enough packs of marlboro reds, and with any luck... some dirt weed would be passed in a metal chamber pipe around the circle of boys sitting on their skateboards.

but mark was whitey's friend from before he got kicked out of catholic school, and mark was kind of sheltered, and well... he just told us he liked to dance. That made pete grab teh brim of his ball cap, and weissman shot Mickey's Malt Liquor out his nose. but whitey told us all to fuck off, and threw a hackey sack at mark's head.

i wonder where the kids these days go when they sneak off to get drunk or stoned in the park. sometimes i wander over by the tree in sand dune park that we made our #1 get loaded clubhouse. it's all overgrown and forgotten... the new generation of loaded youngsters must be elsewhere. i would go and try and find them... but if they are and paranoid and we were... i couoldn't get within 50 yards without them fleeing into a million directions like roaches.

i hate when i run into people from those days (whitey being the one of very few exceptions) because lots of these folks have moved on from that "pot smoking phase" and in a very elitist way look down on me and the way i live my life. it never was a phase for me, obviously it was more of a perma-choice. i'd say "lifestyle" but that sounds so fucking fagge.

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