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Friday, June 24, 2005


skateboarding is still a crime.

a film, produced by Globe Shoes.

further details of what happened (as quoted from a Globe Shoes inter office memo):

Trying to support our local skatepark and community on June 21st for GO SKATEBOARDING DAY, the Dwindle and Globe staff headed off to the Hawthorne park for a fun day of skateboarding.

With the Dwindle Ice Cream truck full of product and popsicles for the local kids, we pulled in to the park and were immediately greeted or should we say confronted by the chairperson from the Hawthorne Parks and Recreation committee. Realize at this time there were about 150+ kids skating, mingling, and NICELY awaiting the free giveaways.

We were told that we couldn't be there and had to leave the premises. WAIT A SECOND.... aren't we talking about a FREE - CITY skatepark, which is open and accessible to anyone? After trying to negotiate and just READY TO SKATE, we backed off the park property and tried to park on the street.

Before even making it to the next left, we were pulled over by the PO-PO, who then called for back up and nutted up on us with an additional 6 cop cars! With kids following us everywhere, we tried to explain that IF they made us leave, THEY would cause the riots!

Guess what happened next.................!

Kids were thrown down, hand cuffed and EVERYONE was forced off the FREE/CITY PARK..... for doing what?


Mmmmm lets see. Why don't we make these kids leave a safe environment, which provides fun, talent, and exercise and force them back onto the streets....... GO FIGURE!!!

What a conundrum!


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