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Friday, June 17, 2005


sometimes i see myself, as corny as it may seem, as a symbol for how GOOD and HONEST and PURE marijuana truly is. and also: im living proof that it won't always lead a person to harder drugs, or prevent a person from holding a job, and being an upstanding citizen.

the mis-informed have it all backwards... if they had more real world experience they would see that BOOZE is the scary one... MADD stand for mother's against drunk driving, not mother's against doobie driving. ever notice that?

i also notice that there is only one illegal recreational drug that is also widely known for it's medical benefits. i never heard anyone say medicinal LSD, nor have i heard of glaucoma patients snorting rails of cocaine. a doctor would never prescribe someone a bottle full of crack rocks, and a glass pipe. but DOCTORS DO prescribe earth's green gift: canabis.

perhaps the misinformed are led to believe that weed is a much more powerful drug than it is. the high is actually very mild, and a person maintains quite a great deal of lucidity. in fact you can be as high as you ever been, and its likely that no one will notice. the side effects are extermely insignifigant as well (dry mouth, increased appetite, relaxed composure)

sometimes i wonder if legalization in america would lead to the corporatization of the marijuana industry. currently its a very much DIY, black market, natural process... in which the pot is grown in private residences, and sold based on word of mouth and secrecy with regards to the law. sure it drives up the price, but at least you know that its REAL MARIJUANA. for example... what the fuck is that brown junk they put in cigarettes these days? i highly doubt there is much tobacco content after all those chemicals and by products find their way into my cigarette. DO IT NOW, unravel your cigarette... doesnt it resemble pencil shavings to you? me too.

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