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Thursday, June 09, 2005


pep boys screwed me over. they let my truck sit in their parking lot all damned day while they worked on other cars, even cars that came in after my car, and all that brian could say for his sorry ass was, "jeeze i derno why that happened, wanna call my manager tomorrow?"

he can bet his sorry ass i want to talk to the manager, that fucker. @#$%^&%$#

next door is a jiffy lube, and they were open, so i fucking threw my truck into one of their stalls, and began to negotiate my fee for every single solitary service they offer. (i tend to drive a lot)

oil change, oil filter, fuel filter, air filter, sterring fluid, brake fluid, tranny fluid, radiator flush, rear diffrential fluid, just to name a few.

he told me that the total would be about $550.. but i grinded his ass down to 400 even. cash in hand speaks volumes, take that as a lesson you filthy youngsters.

now my baby's purrin like the tiger she is, rawr up in this piece. the brakes even seem to work slightly better.

i don't have time to mess with the truck any further, at least not until next week. i'm too busy kicking the dirt out of my cleats, and making sure my arms have the propper levels of elbow grease.

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