Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Monday, June 06, 2005

opinions are like assholes, and no one knows how to keep their slimey noses out of SHIT that is NONE OF THEIR business. FUCK man. what's cat gotta do??? cheif broom was always my hero, faking like he was deaf and mute. pure genius.

when i wake up each and every single FUCKING day, i scream into the sunlight. literally, i sit up with my eyes still closed, and i fucking scream loud and glirly like Ned Flanders... sometimes being awoken can feel like leaving the womb, what else can i say?

when was the last time you dropped and did 20 push ups? my answer is 5 minutes ago.

life wants to be kicked in the nuts, that's all it is waiting for. go ahead and get a running start, and rupture those damn testes, my friends. use your knee if you think you'll cause more pain. and do it ONCE a day, damn you.

we all know right from wrong, and what will better ourselves and what will perpetuate the misery... yet lots of people make bad/poor choices. they WITTINGLY do themselves wrong. me myself and i hit a boiling point one day and said NO MORE WILL I TOLERATE MY LIFE GETTING SHITTIER AND SHITTER. and from that point on, i made choices in a different vain. i no longer was willing to settle for who or what i was. i KNEW that i had room for improvement, and i felt that i deserved to achieve that.

within your life, your thoughts, your environment and your social relationships, EVERYTIHNG HOLDS HANDS. it's all connected, like a giant chain link fence, and you want that shit to have ZERO holes. pick up what im saying, eh?

when you isolate something about yourself that you want to make better or something that you could do smarter, ect... it feels so ginormously rewarding for ACCOMPLISHING that goal.

the hardest part is wanting it, wanting it bad enough to not just sit there and do nothing like you always fucking do, you lazy pig.

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