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Friday, June 10, 2005


that's what the gods said about my week this week, or so it seems. i hope mount olympus crumbles into dust. those insensitive punk-asses.

so yesterday i had beef with pep boys, today my time is equally wasted with the old "the check you are here to pick up is not ready, come back in an hour."

don't you love that line? so wait, it's not ready? but you said, "come back in an hour" an hour ago!!!

finally, after i had waited an extra four and a half hours, the guys comes over and explains to me, "it's the accountant lady's last day at work, so she took an extended lunch, and she's been slighty pre-occupied with saying her good byes, you know how it goes, right buddy?"

i smiled and nod, and tell him it's cool. but i WANTED to say: "if the bitch is gonna take a two hour lunch and not lift a fucking finger all damned day, why the fuck did she even come to work today? all i want is a teeny tiny little check, just print it, get it signed, and fork it the fuck over before you REALLY piss me off."

restraint is a good thing. my boss tells me always, "just smile and nod, let ME do the yelling." and he is a good yeller, so i let him scream at the appropiate clients, and suck up my frustrations.

it was after 5 by the time i got my check, so i had to truck it to the branch office that's inside the chinese 99 cent ranch supermarket. good old east west bank, yall. the only branch open till 7pm, 7 days a week.

i could have had a worse day tho. waiting around for a check isn't the end of my world, it's just after the fourth of fifth time they tell you to come back in an hour, you feel like they are fucking with you. why tell me the check will be ready to go at noon when it wasn't even ready to go by 4:30?? WHY?!

im just glad i got the check at all, because my boss warned me they might be weird about it. and my boss LOVES hearing that i was able to pick up the check. that's the most important part of the sign business. without a doubt.

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