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Friday, June 24, 2005

it's way too late, and i am wired from all those coffe drinks i drank. i'd be frowning if my lips weren't moving around so fast. le sigh...

my cousin got the KUSH!!! and he gave me a morsel to salivate over while i drove my route. my truck drinks gasoline faster than a prom date can guzzle champagne, and it's making me very upset. not mad, just upset. fossil fuels are just dead dinosaurs, so fuck lizards.

i want an engine that runs on captain morgan's spiced rum. me and my truck could literally do shots together.

i dont have signwalkers tomorrow. all i gotta do is set up the sale. build over 200 signs, and 15 signwalker signs. and hang a banner larger than anyone in my company has ever hung: 8' x 48', the entire side of a semi truck... oh sure, i'll be fine tho... the village idiot will be my helper... if he doesn't get his car repo'd again.

with any luck, the semi truck they want me to dress witha banner will spontaniously ignite or explode. please, please, please if there is a god.

oh well. it's my job, and we all hate our job sometimes... i will remind and prove to everyone why i get paid the BIG bucks.

and i can't wait until im laughing like a maniac into the wind while standing on top of that semi truck parked next to the 605 freeway. really i can't. i'll bring my camera fo-sho-sho.

time to rest my neck and shoulders, they are throbbing again. DEEP breaths, right? right.

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