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Monday, June 20, 2005

isn't it weird how people never realize that so-and-so isn't a stuck up motherfucker afterall. they're just shy, and being shy is always mis-diagnosed.

have you ever heard someone say, "i gotta be me" ?? i know i have even said it myself. but it's a cop-out, and way to rationalize anything wrong with yourself. it's time to man-up, and be willing to see all the cracks and flaws in yourself, your life, and your personality. SOMEone's got to do it, or who knows... you could spiral into a fate much worse than a quirky personality: desolation.

it's never too late to curb all those flaws that cause you social greif. an old dog CAN learn new tricks, but hey... it won't be easy.

when i was still in school and stuff, one of MY biggest fears sending me deep into shy-ness hell was my fear of rejection. it caused me not to make friends, it casued me to not ask out girls that i had crushes on. i was paralyzed with fear that rejection would hit me like a ton of bricks, but i got over it.

i got over it only be embracinf rejection. GETTING REJECTED. it's fucking hilarious to me that the thing i was so very affraid of, is the exact same thing that set me free. i had to get rejected, and get MAJORYLY REJECTED to realize and see that, HEY it's not that bad. in fact, it can be kinda liberating.

so hey shy people, what are YOU affraid of? whatever it is, i'll bet you $5 it's not as bad as your imagination makes it seem. and what the fuck?!?!? you want to live a life of shy-hellish-ness? i wouldn't.

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