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Monday, June 06, 2005

if you don't know it yet... you SHOULD be sending good vibes to big tanky, who is starting DAY ONE of her brand new job today. i bet she's taking care of business with ease, and doesn't really NEED all of our pithy good vibrations. but man, i bet she would appreciate it all the same.

whats cool is, as much as her last job SUCCKED... this new job seems to be totally opposite. the last one was far away, paid lesser, and dealt with crapola that he had no experience with.

the NEW one is close, pays MORE, and deals with industries that she has lots of experience with. the two jobs are so dis-similar that it's like night and day.

good luck tanky, or eh... BREAK A LEG! or um. i derno. knockem dead? you know what i mean.

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