Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

i have the weekend off work, do you know what the fucking means for me and my soon to be obliterated white-monkey-ass?

it means skateboards, sunburns, and drunk in public infractions this upcoming weekend. 4th of july in hermosa beach is like a city wide beer garden laced with bikini-girls and boardshort-boys. whatch out for the cops tho... they be player hating.

i would go elsewhere for july 4th weekend, such as huntington beach, laguna nigel, ocean beach, susnset beach, newport beach, santa monica, venice beach, ect... BUT HERMOSA IS CLOSA.

that pic is from last july 4th in hermosa...

today i spent most of my time on the 605 freeway, going up and down it dealing with banks and checks. all that is over now, tho... as i sit here and puff like a smoke stack on it's last day before retirement. "choo-fucking-choo, yall"

i still want to see the new batman movie

i have to throw away my beloved computer chair. this pained task has to happen because it's one of the MAJOR reasons i have such major back dificulties these days. it's a nice chair, sure.... but the SEAT part, where my butt goes, needs to be smaller. or at least short enough, so that my back can reach the back of the chair easier, which would ease my slouching, and straighten me out a touch.

AS is it now, i sorta sit on the front half of the seat, and i end up hunching my shoudlers over, and welp... my chiropractor says that makes this "chair" more like a "stool". maybe someone will want to buy my shitty, back pain causing chair. i'm sure martin will want it, if i decide to simply throw it away.

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