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Friday, June 24, 2005

i got home not long ago, and i still have not washed my dirt covered hands. because fuck it. sometimes you can't get all howard-hughs-ish on the scene, and you just have to let the salt, filth and stink marinate you to a nice frothy level of putrice.

i'm wearing a shirt my mom got at the swap meet, and some shorts i bought when i was in arizona... and i look like a total dipshit. it's great. hi laundry!!! BITE ME.

thank god for pantera in times like this. testosterone is audible format.

my neck and shoulders feel GREAT. maybe chiropractors aren't quacks and scam arteests afterall. i had my doubts all day yesterday after i had my appointment. but i guess it takes a day, or in my case it did.

i haven't taken off my shoes in fucking forever... leme get to that...

OH DAMN!!! my feet are RIPE as all holy hell right now, you fuckers. if that wasn't my own foot stench, i would leave the room. but... because it IS mine... i dont want to spread it around.

ok maybe i should reconsider this no-shower idea.

i'd write more... but i need to go light an inscent STAT!

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