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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

i dont know why, but my first instinct when i walk through my front door, is to take my keys, and throw them as far as i can, without ever caring or noticing where they END UP.

and they end up everywhere.

i guess i find it most frustrating because this is a tiny studio, bachelor pad, hell hole, of an apartment. i mean, it's not like i'm running from room to room in search of new areas to look.

im just re-tooling through the same shit, and combing over the same crap.

today the keys ENDED UP in the sock drawer. sometimes they are in much wackier places. the worst is when im super stoned...

i will stick my keys, "in a special spot, so that i won't forget," or at least that's the idea. but it results in me hiding my keys from myself in such a good hiding place that i give up and call a locksmith asap. keys are so annoying. i hate those little fuckers.

perhaps i should tie my keys to a shoelace, and tie the other end to a cinder block. it seems to work for the local los angeles gas stations' bathroom keys, why wont it work for me?!

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