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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Friday, June 24, 2005

i don't have cable tv, and i never really know where my remote control is... so as a result, my tv pretty much stays on chanel 4, if i turn it on at all.

and i only leave it on NBC4 because it's the one that doesn't go into infomercials. at least not typically.

so Jay Leno... what a fucking dried up, sucked up, turd. right now he is doing a bit called, "some stuff we found on ebay" which is like... as funny as opera.

i don't understand why the network doesn't just run two hours of conan o'brien. because jay is such an annoying goombah piece of shit. his fat neck can barely squeeze into that neck tie, and its making me nauseated.

i hate how he pretends like he is such a "great guy" because he buddies up with his black band leader, kevin. i'll bet my $100 to your 1 penny that kevin hates the shit out of jay too. i can't blame the guy for being the band leader and feeding his family.

i can't even be mad at stuttering john malendez, who dissed the howard stern show (a show i love) with his treasonary act of becoming the announcer for the tonight show. he's got the easiest gig in show business now... go john. you tanned slimey, shiney lookin stuttering tool.

one of my favorite songs, is the one that they play when they run the credits at the end of the tonight show. it's over. at last.

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