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Tuesday, June 14, 2005


he rushed to jump back into the car, to avoid the wave of dust that the desert winds had kicked up. his car was parked on the side of interstate 10, eastbound, ten minutes past Flying J's truckstop, and he had lost his hat out the car window. the lucky hat. sure by now it was ran over, and less than lucky, but he couldn't give up, and he wouldn't let the forces of nature have THEIR way. his will was stronger than them. and he was going to prove it.

after a few semi trucks rolled past, and he had found his flash light, he knew that it was ON. and his hat was going to back where it belonged in no time. with the car still running, andthe headlights shut off, he got out and walked cautiously in the ditch on the side of the road. all he saw was cactus and desert shrubs showing up in his thin beam of light.

he flung himself 180 degrees in a panic when he thought that he heard footsteps behind him... nothing was there. frazzled, cold, and breathing too much dust he trucked on frustrated with this whole situation. he KNEW she should have tightened the hat tighter after he shaved his head. a sigh.

five more minutes of walking and he was ready to give up when he saw the hat at last! it had gotten caught on a bush and was there wating for him... udamaged by gutter water or the like. he put it on and let his shoulders relax whlie he shit off the flashlight and put it in his pocket. that's right when he felt someone tap him on the shoulder...

(what should happen next?)

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