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Monday, June 20, 2005


as he ran across the dark street he saw the approaching headlights of their car. He saw a brick wall, and tried to dive behind it in time, before the spray of machine gun fire made baseball size craters in everything.

on his back, covered in sweat, he fished for his side arm, and tried to squeeze in more ammo in time. With a click, and a wiping of his forehead, he steadied his breathing, and squinted his eyes. He heard tow car doors open and slam, and heard fine Italian leather shoes being dragged across the pavement.

"it's on." he thought to himself, and he rolled over and placed his left hand flat on the ground, while his right hand squeezed the handle of the revolver. His pointer finger lightly ribbing the trigger.

"C'mon Johnny, make it easy on yourself. This doesn't have to end like this. We could bring you back alive, yah know?"

Johnny wasn't sure if he wanted to go back alive, or go ANYWHERE alive, but he was certain that these two amateurs, were as good as dead. He called out from the brick wall, "well Cid, do I get one last cigarette?" and he slid the revolver into his waisteband on his backside.

Cid gestured to his partner, pointing at the brick wall and silently mouthing, "he's over THERE"

the two thugs crept around either side of the brick wall, and found nothing. Johnny had slid out of sight, behind the dumpster, in some unknown fluids... Taking aim at Cid's fat round head. And after a tightening of his hand, he watched cid's head explode in a sea of dark red, and his fat body falling backwards.

Cid's partner, spun around wildly, and stuttered, "C'mon Johnny, what the fuck, I'm just following orders here... I gots a family!"

but Johnny said nothing and waited for the partner to walk closer to Cid.

"I-I-I ain't got nothing to do with your girl, Johnny. I-I-I'm small potatoes.... You don't need to ki-ki-ki-kill me..."

Johnny thought about it and he was right. But he should immobilize the guy regardless, so when he was in sight... Johnny shot out his knee cap, leaving the two fat men laying next two eachother. One dead, and one bleeding but alive.

Johnny climbed into their black GMC, started the ignition, and went on his way. More fish to fry.

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