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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

ANTI DOES DVDs, a movie review: STOKED The Rise and Fall of Mark 'Gator' Rogowski

so i checked out that movie about that oldschool vert skater Gator from the 80's. remember him? he skated for vision street wear. at the height of his career was known for his rebel bad ass image, and made hundreds of thousands of dollars on his skateboarding ability.

i remember him from back then, and he was indeed cool for one hot minute there... but he didn't cross over to new school the same way Tony Hawk did. in fact, none of those old timers from the mid to early 80's really lasted through the skateboarding stlye trends. but... not all of those dudes burtally murdered their ex girlfriend's best friend. Gator did. he's nucking futs, i tell ya.

well, this flick is a documentary of gators rise and eventual FALL and even has audio interview clips recorded from phone calls with the currently jailed-up-gator.

and man, he beat that girl to death. a poor innocent girl whom he thrust all his psycho-rage upon. whatta creep.

but hey, it was one killer documentary!!!

it reminds me of an old favorite joke of mine, "what's the difference between a vacuum cleaner and a skateboard?"

"the vacuum cleaner comes with the dirtbag attatched."

at any rate, anti gives this film two bong hits UP. and here's a link to the official website.

lates, you filthy jonzing losers.

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