Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005


you know what? when i try and re-read this dribble... it really makes me laugh, but only because i am so up my ass, and spewing nonesense.... i am basically a parody of myself. but i can dig it... isn't that like how eminem dissed himself at the end of 8 mile, and took the thunder out of the FreeWorld Crew's raps?? sorta, eh?

i own a bootleg fossil watch that i bought downtown LA. it's actually a pretty decent knock off, but i think there is only one problem... it SOUNDS fake. the materials used sound a little "janky" when clicked together. there needs to be a link taken out, for certainly.

and because i was worried that the internet might have forgotten what i looked like... here's a close up picture of my face (for good measure.)

can you say star wars? i will bet you a beer that i see it before YOU see it.... mua hahahaha... and not no shitty ass bootleg version either. i'm talking VIP Screening, and a prestigious theater located on the west side of los angeles. yes, i am THAT lucky. i have the world's most kick ass friends... and why they let me squeeze onto an already impossible list, i dont know. maybe they want me to bring the weed? who knows.

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