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Thursday, May 19, 2005

when i was a kid and i got busted for a "drunk in public" i remember coming home thinking that it was the end of the world. i was crushed, and i didn't know how i was going to face my mom or dad when i had to tell them about my court date.

i wrote lyrics to an instrumental song that night, and i wrote them down in my private, personal, spiral notebook.

i guess part of the lyrics mentioned wanting to die, and it wasn't long before i realized that any illusion of privacy i thought i had, was was a total joke, and next thing i knew, some dopey song lyrics i drew up were being taken way too serious, and i was being set up with yet another therapist (i have seen a shrink on and off since i was 6 years old)

i was pretty pissed off. not only did i feel betrayed and violated for them looking into my private journal... but they were making a lot out of nothing. sure i wrote down "i want to die" but it wasn't literal, and in fact, it was the easiest thing to rhyme with whatever lyrics i had written in that stanza.

just because something is written, does not make it true. Peter pan is a book, but that doesn't MAKE peter pan a real person, now does it?

got to love the system, eh?

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