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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

the thing that sucks about going to the dentist is when you realize that you DIDN'T floss every night like they told you. so what do you do?

you feverishly attempt to do right, turn your electric toothbrush on high, you floss like a madman. it's too late. they're gonna know what a fucking gross plaque-ridden slob you are.

if you think about it... you shouldn't brush your teeth the morning you see your dentist. THAT'S WHAT YOU PAY THEM FOR, RIGHT? isn't it about as logical as detailing your car BEFORE you take it to the car wash??

i should totally make a mini dentist movie. then you all can hear how they talk to me in baby talk.

my dentist's office is in beverly hills, because that's where all of LA's finest doctors practice their medicine.

im gonna smoke up the rest of my pot right now, so that im high as a kite when i show up fo rhte dentist.... thus giving myself cotton mouth. i hope they will appreciate not having to whip out that saliva vaccuum every two seconds.

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