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Thursday, May 12, 2005

sure killing yourself sounds like an easy out when the going gets tough. i mean, hwat a simple way to eliminate all of life's problems... jsut off yourself.

it's such an obvious conclusion to make, that there are very few ppl who can say they NEVER thought of it. we have all thought about how simple an answer that is at least once or twice in our lives... so why haven't we all kicked? why did we all decide not to turn off?

i spose the answer would change depending on who you ask. some ppl are scared about the afterlife or lack there of... some ppl think it's selfish and wouldn't want to do that to their loved ones... other have other reasons.

i've had friends that killed themselves, and guess what... the person who always discovered the dead body was the best friend. EVERYTIME. what a nice thing to do to your buddy... let them discover your rotting corpse.

am i wrong?

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