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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

so the star wars plsns were a hoax or bogus, or maybe i just mis-unterstood... but i STILL want to see it... perhaps friday... i derno, i dont care anymore tonight.

i am waste-alicious. and it feels fucking good, because like a good boy i ate my motrin at the propper timing.

we came up from "bounce" the brand new drum and bass club that's walking distance because we wanted to take six footers for big takny's birthday, with is happening in 30 minutes!!!!

we wanted to be "freshly baked", because there is no other fucking goddamned way to be.

they are finishing up the last of the double rounders that were on teh house. because i provide, my friends, i provide... especially when it comes to weed. you wanna hit some'dis?

im wearing a bracelet that reads serenity, and that's the last thing im gonna get.... THANK YOU GOD!

or mother erff.... or whoever.

full tilt to my heiniken, and YEAH YEAH to you in your faces, with red dots trailing me everywhere i go...

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