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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

smoke break during work.

kickin it at tony pierce's house with B-mo


I really swung for the fences with this last weekend, man. I gave all, and more, of myself the entire time, and I killed it. I have La Puente on lock down, and I am a City Of Industry expert.

Baldwin park... Can you hear me?

I'm taking the sign game to a new level. I'm throwing salt in the game of anyone who hates on signs, and I'm punking signwalkers into submission.

we're all just shiny happy people holding hands.

oh and since I have had yet more requests from strangers who can't seem to figure out my "complex" "non-ordinary" job. I can say it very simply and clearly:

I put out signs in a city, and I hire up to 15 people to hold a sign, and stand on a street corner. Got it?

why is that so difficult to grasp? SIGNS. It's not rocket science.

so anyways, I fina-fuckingly have a day off, and I refuse to wear more than my underwear. I have rules. And today the rules is, "no pants until sundown!" it makes perfect sense.

shoes are not allowed either. fuck a shoe.

I have a fat bag of M&M's, a fat bag of chronic, I'm wearing my new sunglasses, and I smell like Icey Hot. mmmm...

I can't wait to get paid, because I still owe $ on may's rent. And June is um... Tomorrow... So like... Yeah.

I think I want to go to morongo casino for my birthday. It's like the newish one they built two hours away, and it's supposed to be THE SHIT. I would love to get drunk and ridiculous there. How much for the penthouse? I'll fucking postpone rent another week or two....

things that people bought for my birthway wishlist have started arriving. a sin city book, a book on bullshit, the gangsta rap coloring book, Street Logos by tristan mancow, a lady de Guadalupe book, AND it appears that there's more on the way!!!! Thank you thank you thank you.

I originally made the list to send to my sisters and my mom, so that I wouldn't risk getting anything weird from the flea market that I have no use for. I never presumed people would really want to hook me up. I appreciate it immensely.

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