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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Monday, May 23, 2005


the setting in here is: the TV is on mute, and howard dean is talking to tim russert of "Meet the Press" and clearly does not utilize his upper lip while conversatin', my radio is set to 97.1FM and balanced on my deck chair because it gets best reception that way, howard stern and robbin are being broadcast live from New York and are talking shit about George W Bush, and i have kush breath.

i just got a great idea... it's a quarter after 3AM... and i have COLD BEERS in the fridge. wait here you lousy blog...

ok, so i used my bic lighter to pop open my beer, and then decided that i should take yet another bong rip (which i did) and now a camel light hangs unlit from my mouth... hold one more sec....

ok now it's lit.

i want to go back to the garment district in downtown LA tomorrow, and stock up on bootlegs again. i need star wars. i hope i can score one...

i also need to stock up on religious artifacts. i love those fucking things. i need a crucifix, and some hindu crap.

my shoudlers ache and im out of darvacets. i have a shit ton of those muscle relaxers, and all kinds of off brand icey hot.... so i guess i will live.

the easiest way to communicate with radiohumper while she works the graveyard shift at whatever weirdo job she seems to have (it apparently involves the humping of radios, but in a humane way) is to send her buzznet messages. i just told her to be friends with skirt, because dace truly does look graceful in those tastefully selected garments.

and since howard is talking about jennifer aniston and brad pitt and angelina jolie... i will weigh in with my opinion. brad is obviously over the top in love with angelina, BUT i don't get it myself. maybe angelina is the lay of the century, but i think she is a total butter. brad blew it. her lips have an ass, man... that may be hot to YOU. but to me, it's ri-goddamned-diclous. now dont get me wrong, i didn't get it with jennifer either. she looks naggy to me.

radio humpomatic just sent this link, and im DOWN.

this beer tastes extraordinarily tastey. i want to name her "yummy" but she will be gone too quickly to get attatched. that's why perishables make lousy pets. *I* make a great pet, except i don't pur, and im not house broken. and i might destroy your fancy designer italian leather silleutos.

no one said i had to make sense, so alsdjalskjdalkjdalhdhsgfsfghsagfsafsakfhskfhskadyfiweyroiqr

thank you that felt good.

"i see oj...
and he looks scurred.
and a bababooey to yall!"

alright my amigos. masterbation and sleep are taunting me with their delightful music. traaaaa la lala lala.

fa fa fa.


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