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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Play it loud.

it's my belief that a person should never complain about the noise their neighbors make.

my next door neighbor loves techno at 5am. My upstairs neighbors click-clacks her high heels ALWAYS when I'm trying to sleep.

but when I wake up, it's my turn bitches. And I hope that my sub woofer rattles the "do not disturb" signs off of your precious golden door knobs.

the bitch upstairs has some NERVE too, I'll tell you. Because she gets all up in my business if I'm bumping my gangsta rap at midnight. As IF that were late late. conan O'Brien isn't even on yet at midnight, for crissakes.

have you ever noticed how shitty music is when it's not unbearably loud?

if you don't leave a concert with your ear drums bleeding down the sides of your head.... Don't you feel cheated? Me too!

I have to admit though.... Some music just should not be played that loud at all. I mean, if you're a 45 year old man in a miata, basically ANY MUSIC you play should be quiet. And why don't you put your top back up? Have you no shame? Go buy a paper bag to put over your head while yer at it.

the one time I really get pissed is: the cars the go boom. I think it's all fine and dandy and super cool, ect. Whatever. But when I'm in the drive through line at del taco, it's not the time to try and impress me with how loud your car is. ALL I FUCKING WANT is for muchahcho taking my order to hear me clearly, and you're blowing it for me, you prick.

I see my shrink tonight. I can't wait to go.

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