Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

look sometimes i just get bored and start trying to take pictures of stupid shit that might make me laugh for two seconds. it's better than being bored right?

why do you think i write so much on this peice of shit globber. it's cuz man... my options right now are watch day time television (fuck THAT) read a book (yawn... mebbe later) or play with my camera and write messages to the world. (ok, i can do that.)

my titty cancer thingy seems to be going away. that was a close call, dudes.

in the yahoo video blogging group there is this new guy named E L Woody and he is the self proclaimed "king of papparazzi" and he lives in LA and is totally pissing everyone off in the video blogger group. it's so rad!!! i love it, and i think he is my new hero. everyone acts all butt hurt when he makes his remarks, but it's like... why are they taking a yahoo group that serious anyways?

people have actually bought me shit for my birthday!!!! this june 7th is going to kick major ass, i just knowwww it. and btw, june is also when a lot of people have birthdays, or graduate from school, ect... so if you know a boy who you need to buy a present for, perhaps my wishlist will serve as a guide on what to get THAT boy or person. who wouldn't love a book about stencil graffiti?

jamie wrote a novel.

i think my truck needs brakes. i hate when my truck needs things. also my left headlight only turns on after i get out of my car and bang on it with my fist a few times... that's always annoying, because sometimes i forget, and really im lucky i havent been ticketed yet.

im starved and there are slices of pizza in the frigde that have a date with me and the toaster oven, ya HEARD?!.

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