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Thursday, May 19, 2005

it's big tanky's birthday and i spent the whole day in gridlock traffic!!!!

...figures, eh?

but she is having an excellent birthday, and has already gone shopping a few of the gift certificates that were bestowed upon her. tanky loves to shop, and seemingly never gets the opportunity.

i just arrived home from a hellacious battle with way too many freeways. here is the list: 105-west, 405-north, 101-south, 134-east, 57-south, 10-east, 15-south, 91-west, 110-south. in that order. AND EACH FREEWAY was more of a parking lot than a freeway. fucking rubber neckers.

but i hear that des is gonna scoop up the tanky, and the tanky's troops... and im likely to get coordinates on where in the LBC the party will be at ASAP.

right now i have GOT to rid myself of this filth and stench that you get from sittin gin THAT much traffic.

they should make a Fear Factor event that is basically "who can hold thier nose to ANTI's car seat the longest." but they better have a top shelf medical staff on hand. my shoulder is sorta throbbing in a bad way too... so perhaps the hot shower will melt away whatever is wrong.

it was a georgeous day, and i'm excited about celebrating tonight. here is a WHOOT WHOOT to anti's bestest homie: big tanky, also known as: gothy larue. she still doesn't look a day past 15.

oh, and hey tanky.... see you in mexico, senorita. i'll know how to find you... you'll be the borrachita shooting revolvers into the sky, screaming "i'll killl all you bitchass motherfuckerzz!!!"

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