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Monday, May 16, 2005

im not a bully, and i have no respect for ppl who take pleasure in being mean and cruel to others.

i may be insensitive... but i never maliciously go out of my way to to try and make someone feel badly, because it never made me feel better to do so.

this is often the formula for what makes a bully tick: firstly they suffer from the paradox of having a GIANT EGO and no self esteem.... it's like they have this bizzare warped sense of entitlement, for example when they are faced with life's realities (like a car cuttin gyou off in traffic) they get this bug eyed look on their face and think to themself, "how dare that car do that TO ME?!?!"

when reality is that no one did anything to anyone on purpose. they didn't "do that to you"... shit just happens, so relax, and do go off on some mission to "get revenge" you are pathetic.

the other aspect of bully people is their odd low self esteem, and the ability to undermine every chance or opportunity they might have been able to get.

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now look, i am no saint. i've been a very very bad boy in my life, and done and said all the wrong things at least 5 million times. but i do know that the times i gave a person the benefit of the doubt, and assumed they were cool, even if olny to find ot later i was wrong.... it was worth it, and it made me feel more human.

funny how treating someone like a human in turn makes YOU feel more human. i want to be a really good human being.

when i was a kid in highschool, we went to a slayer concert, and to this day one of the most shocking stories i tell is how when i feel down in the mosh pit... the scariest looking mongol or hells angel biker dude caught me, pickd me back up, and asked, "you ok, bro?"

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