Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

im going to buy more bootleg movies from downtown LA because they are totally the shit. i bought Sin City yesterday for $5, and we all watched it at dealer mcdope's house. smoking a batch of weed called dankouver (har har) and i knew i should have got more of those movies.

its always kinda a risk because some bootlegs are so poorly produced, that they are un-watchable.

i got a bunch of new shirts too, right now im wearing the slayer seasons in the abyss shirt. which makes me the mayor of HOT TOWN..... obviously.

i have not smoked a cigarette since last night. can someone email me a camel light?

my mom's home phone is going straight to voice mail.... is that a hint? i guess once you grow to a cerain age all a mom wants on mothers day is to BE LEFT ALONE.

i've been afraid to get in my car lately... i know its going to smell bad in there, and i just never know how bad, or what kind of freakishly gross smell will dominate.

sometimes it's ass.... sometimes its sweat... other times it's mold, i think something even died in there once. a rodent of some kind perhaps?


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