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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

i want to take a solo road trip up the coast to visit my pallie whitey in santa cruz, and then proceed up to san francisco so i can get a picture that i take of myself with the golden gate bridge in the backround. then i can jump off or something.

i love to drive, and i like being far away. being alone isn't my preference, but that mightbe cool sorta too. if i got cheap at the last minute i could just sleep in my truck.

tanky blogged today.

"if" hahahahaha...

thats what i want to do for my birthday, although i think it depress me to be all by myself on the 7th of this wonderful month of june. so i guess i'll save my little solo mission for the week after my birthday.

tanky has been ready to saw off an arm and/or a leg to get her ass to mexico for some serious R&R, and party-rawr... maybe i should just go south instead of north.

mexico's closer.

i bet tanky's friend dez would wanna go too, and my MOM might want to go to mexico... so shit man... everyone wants to go to mexico. but my mom? that might be kinda bummer city.

i just want to be out of town, and NOT BE WORKING because that woudl feel nice, i like being out of town.

perhaps ppl would want to go to vegas?

who is going ot be in las vegas on june 7th, raise your hand and say "aye".

im going to ask around, but if you're a real life friend of mine reading this, (viking, big tanky, ect...) wana go to vegas? that is a total pipe dream, innit?

fuck man, i will settle for driving straight to Joshua Tree and taking a picture next to a cactus and driving straight home. can i get at least that???

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