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Monday, May 23, 2005

i want to make a switch. it's going to be FROM bong smokage to JOINT rollage.

the logic behind a water pipe, or a bong, is that the process of drawing the smoke through the water acts as a filter, and is intended to cool the smoke so that it is easier on your lungs.

the idea works well on paper, but real life applications prove otherwise. as an assict, i try and get the biggest, milkiest, fattest power hit out of my bong that i can get. which in turn tears my lungs and throat apart.

you can only get SO BIG of a hit off of a joint. there is no two foot chamber of smoke getting stale by the second waiting to send me into such an intense coughing fit that i have to use my tee shirt to wipe all the sweat off my forehead.

i want to go shopping for roach clips.

i made a wishlist for my june 7th approaching birthday. i wish i could have put roach clips on there... le sigh. don't feel bad if you can't afford to buy me, a stranger to you, a birthday present. but im not gonna stop you if you reallly want to. (har, should i keep dreaming or what?)

what i REALLY want for my birthday is a road trip far away. anywhere far.

the dawg is also born on june 7th, and so is the artist known as prince.

im gonna go buy myself a lil red corvette...
winshield wiper. and then maybe i'll take a dump in a raspberry berret...

or something like that. yah. bye.

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