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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

i over heard a father talking (bragging) about his newly born daughter, and the feelings he was overwhelmed with when he first held her precious frail body in his arms.

his face brightened up, and as he told the story his eyes glazed over and it appeared the world was invisible to him. he talked about counint all ten fingers, and counting all ten toes, and then recounting them feeling so lucky that his baby was perfect. and then he said something that made me think he was a wingnut...

he said, "She was just so pure and innocent and perfect, that i vowed and promised her that i would keep her that way forever."

here is my problem with that shit. what about what his daughter wants? maybe being "perfect" and "innocent" won't play into the role she ends up taking on in life. maybe she doesn't want/need you pigeon holing her before she even has an identity.

parents, and conservative america, want to treat the youth like kittens. Ever have a kitten? all you want is for it to stay a kitten forever, because cats aren't as cute and amusing as kittens. BUT CHILDREN AREN'T KITTENS!!

i wanted to walk up the the dad i was eaves dropping on, and tell him to shut his mouth with that craziness, and to just love and support his daughter, and not to impose HIS identity on top of hers.

but i did the smart thing, which was put out my cigarette, and shuffle along, minding my own business. *shrug* it's his family... he can do what he wants with it...

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