Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

i have been working with break-neck diligence, and stress-barf accuracy.

it's been a long and brutal two days... and i have two more to go... but i will be paid handsomely for all the heart ache. oh fo sho, baby.

i can't really remember the last time i ate... but i know it was way too long ago. i WOULD order myself a pizza, but i feel like i deserve better after a day of hell like THIS one. i'm going to buy myself a fancy steak dinner, and i don't care if i have to sit at a restaruant all by my lonesome. perhaps i'll bring a spiral notebook, and pour out my soul onto those college ruled pages. where should i go eat? the chart house? Old Tony's on the pier? all i know is that i refuse to pay less than $40 for my food tonight.

but let's face facts... me and my fat ass aren't going anywhere until AFTER a hot long shower.

i am extremely pleased with the strain of dope that dealer mcdope sold me. it's called sunkist, and it's frothy with crystals.

tonight i will sleep sounder than a two year old with a sippy cup full of Captain Morgans.

i've been apart from my precious Two Foot Jennifer Lopez for far too long. it feels foriegn in my hand... lemme rip this shit before i publish...

OH MY gooooooodness.... can you say, "ONE-hitter-quitter"??

so yeah, the bong still hits like it always did. good ole Jennifer...

i really want to blog more and more, i really do... honest-injun... but thinking about how salty, sweaty, dirty, and greasy i am right now, all i can think about is showering. OH MAN, i have waited SO FUCKING long for this.

hail satan.


hour long showers are THE SHIT. don't ask what im busy doing in there, but lemme tell ya... i feel RELAXEDDDDD!!!! now where is my goddamned steak dinner? im going to the pier.

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