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Friday, May 27, 2005


i got home from work at 3am. "a signguys job is never done." it's cool though... because midnight missions are always less stressful. less cars, more taco stands.

cesar and i had brand new signs, which basically means we had exgta work to do poking holes so that we can sip tie them to the fence, and hammering other signs to wooden sticks.

cesar and i are sharing the south central job, and we each have our own seperate gigs. HE has a one day sale in Costa Mesa with not that many signwalkers. and MYSELF will be rocking a three dayer with 15 signwalkers each day. (no sweat)

tomorrow i have the entire day to just build the sale, build my signwalker signs, and dress the city... all at my lesier. i plan on being done by noon... and then i'm off to mi casa fantastico, where i will abandon reality as we know it and opt for something more "chemically induced". or whatever the scientists are calling it these days.

i have three or four hours to twiddle my thumbs before i hop back to it. i should lay down, i guess.

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