Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

i get excited when i log into blogger, cracking my knuckles, and lodging my cigarette between my lips, or perhaps in my hand while i type.

sometimes i come here and i have nothing to say, but i think thats when it's most fun, because i have to pretend like i do, or else, i have to lay on my couch and do nothing. at least this keeps my brain juices moving, and as a stoned, barely alive, starving arteest, bump on the log.... i need all the brain activity i can get.

so i saw my shrink tonight. same old shit, man... is this for me? i will give it two more months, and then it will be time for a heavy audit of how much i "need" this shit. how much psycho babble can one human stand before they stop shelling out hard earned cash to hear it? eh? im certain tho that i am being impatient, rome wasn't built in a day folks.

the falvor of the week is GATORADE tropical intenso. and horchata. i dusted off the goerge foreman grill that i bought and used only once, and i bought a steak from Albertson's on the way home from the shrink.

everything in your life is holding hands with everythin else. a new rule i want to start sticking to is: if you can buy the food without getting out of your car... you prolly shouldn't be eating it.

i'm really unhappy with the weed i've been scoring off Dealer McDope... perhaps it's time i retire his phone number for a while. i know other ways about getting my chalice full of chronic smoke. one word: KUSHHHH!!!! two words: GREEN CRACK. need i say more?

look, i'd love to keep rapping with you-alls, but i don't have all god damned night, i have to get busy punching the monkey. slapping the clown. shaking hands with the muchahcho. waxing the dolphin. peeling the cucumber.

you know, the usual.

if you ever meet me... just wave hi. NEVER shake this hand. you just don't want to know, my friend.

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