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Saturday, May 21, 2005

i finally saw Star Wars ep3.

firstly, i liked it, go see it, im sure you'll like it too.

but let me tell you about the bridge movie theaters, located in the westchester area of los angeles. Not only is this the most kickass movie theater i have ever been to in my life, but let's face facts... they have an open bar. need i say more?

no i dont gotta say anymore, already this blows away the craptastic AMC Rolling Hills. FUCK that place man... the bridge blows it to smithereens.

of course seeing such a high demand movie so close to it's opening... we had to wait, what felt like forever, before we could enter the auditorium and locate some seats. BUT... they were totally smart and had these two chicks slanging popcorn and pop off of some little hand cart... brilliant! i would NOT have gone all the way to the consession stand, but i WILL walk a few step over to those two chicks.

i felt bad for the guy sitting in front of us... he took a picture of himself with his girlfriend, and the security guard made him go and take the camera back to his car. It's a damned good thing i left my camera in my pocket, i sure didn't want to suffer the same fate. but i thought it was a little ridiculous... i mean, if it was me i would just take the batteries out and hand those over to the security dude, because there is NO GODDAMNED WAY im walking back to MYYYY car.

but then again that would be the perfect excuse to hit the car bong so that i could be freshly for the film... but whatever.

all im saying is, it's a tight place to watch a movie (the bridge) and i can't wait to go back.


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