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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

i dont wake up scared naked and alone... even though i AM scared naked and alone.

shit, that's a lie, i dont even sleep naked... but you get the picture. nakes was sposed to mean vulnerable. duh.

look im slightly buzzed from the few beers i had at my lover drinkery. i love that fucking pub...

right now im drinking from a tecate beer can that i prolly ashed in, but im telling myself i don't care about the ashes in my stale warm beer... a guzzard is as a guzzards does, right forest?

look im a humor-capitalist, and if it makes me laugh and no one else... then ha ha to the world, because i dont give a god damned. know what's a joke? YOU taking anything i have to say for serious. like, OMG to the tenth power.

the world fades fast around me, and i have hardly a second to breath or see clearly whats happening until AFTERARDS when its too late and all that obvious boom-shackalacka. timing is everything... timimg is what i dont have any of.

my boss!

know when it matters to be DEPENDABLE and CONSISTENT...? yah those are usually the time when it seems impossible to meet such criteria. i mean, i ain't fuckin superman... even tho you ain't askin superhuman behavior. but jesaus christ, can i get a "double-u-tee-eff"?? [wtf???]

the go i have decided is tha driving force with most issues any stranger may have. ego = irrational. ego doesn't allow for a person to admit when they are mean, wrong, evil, a bully, or just plain stupid. ego is a bitch, and it will stand in the way of reality. reality is defined as "what is real" and anyone's self importance has NOTHING TO DO with reality, you can take that to the godamned motherfucking bizzank.

can i get a cha ching up in the house tonight?

i stand here before you, on an imaginary stage... with an imaginary brick backround... and i stalk the stage... i get mean and i act like i hate you fucking peices of swine...

but i sing this song of my life, heart, feelings and dayt

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