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Thursday, May 12, 2005

i don't have signwalkers this friday!!!! even though i DO have 15 on saturday and sunday.... it makes up for it all by having none on friday.

that leaves me with allthe time in the world to prepare things perfectly as they ouught to be throughout the entire city of inudstry.

right now im meeting the viking at my uncles house, so's we can swap truck loads, and sync up our watches. and do the ceremonial sign chant, which involves lots of cloud creating, and foot stomping.

i hope my cousin has charolette tooth, the most loverly dog, with him when we meet up. which reminds me of the funniest thing i heard last night, it was from Dave Atell... he said, "Hey potheads, will you stop involving your DOGS inthe pot lifestyle?"

and on that note, i get dressed and hope i don't get any cigarette burns in my new bootleg tee shirts.

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