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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

i called up whitey randomly to see what his bitch ass was doing, and he was just sliding off the 405 freeway, so i suckered him into tagging along with me to eat a steak dinner at old tony's. he said he already ate a "ridiculous mmount" of sushi, so i won't have to feed him. and whitey is paranoid of DUI's (he has already gotten three) so he won't want drinks.

but yay for me. i don't have to eat alone like a loner-weirdo. (even though i AM a loner-weirdo)

all i "have to" do is pack the bong a few times for him, but i would have done that regardless. whitey said he doesn't have good pot, so i will gladly stoke him out. he has a bag of the pretendica.

poor guy...

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