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Saturday, May 21, 2005

danny must be tweekin again. that's all that we can deduct from the situation: he is tweekin, and fired!

i guess the story goes that my boss was awoken by phone calls from our clients saying that the signs weren't up like they were sposed to be.

my boss was in his car on his way to the sale within seconds, and getting complaint calls every 10 minutes about that job.

when he arrived the ONE DAY sale was in shambles, and nothing was done as it was sposed to be.

for example 10 signwalkers were sposed to be placed out in the city starting at 9am.... but by 9:20 not only was danny short 4 signwalkers, but he didn't even have the signwalking sticks built yet. and worst of all... he lied about everything.

i don't think he expected my boss so show up at the job like that.

so anyways, i get a phone call saying that i need to go cover for my boss's sale for a minute, but only after i check in at MY sale.

so i drive to south central, and check in at my sale, and do the old wink/head-nod/finger-point, and then rush it over to norwalk...

everything is back on track, and danny is fired. i feel bad for danny's family, they always trust him to get off the meth, and danny never comes through.

im just glad danny didn't upset the client enough to cancel their subscription with our sign company... because then not only would danny be fired, but a lot of other signwalkers would be out of work. and that woudl be so super fucked.

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