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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

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i get a real thrill when i fix that something that isn't working properly. when i was 8 years old i was the family electrician making VCR's say my name, and call me daddy.

one can find a sense of pride when they solve the problem that they set out to fix.

it's hard for me to understand that sometimes MY SOLUTION to a problem won't work for someone else. i'm so stuck looking at the world with MY OWN EYES that i often forget there are other points of view, none of which are 'wrong', and all of which are 180 degrees in the opposite direction of MY point of view.

it's funny to me how you can't even condemn judgemental people without being judgemental yourself. whatever happened to people taking their daily dose of "mind your ownnnn beeswax"??

i once over heard some wingnut say that they're "entitled" to interpret any piece of writing how they choose, even if the author specifically tells the reader that they misunderstood. and i suppose i have to agree... but for different reasons.

i think it's impossible to have EVERYone understand what the fuck you are talking about... and if you DID then you deserve some sort of gold star. but people won't get you, and you have to keep trucking under the promise and hope that "enough" people get you. enough meaning MAYBE one or two people.

my birthday is exactly two weeks from TODAY (june 7th). don't be a fucking cheapo.

i guess you can divide the entire planet into two groups of people... those who like robbin williams and think he is funny... or the group i am in, where we all think robbin williams is an obnoxious boob/tool, and want to toss our cookies when his image enters our minds. i mean, his arm hair is so long he has to move it out of the way to fucking look at his wrist-watch. who does he think he is??? the abobinable snowman?? fucking-a.

i have severe chest pains coming from this peanut sized lump in my right pectoral thingie. do i have titty cancer?!?! the hazzards of being a fucking hypochondriac... le sigh...

i've been very butterfingers-ish lately. im a bumble-stumbler. BS is my specialty.

my dental hygenist scraped the living bejezus out of my gum line, and then she flossed em up all crazy, and it felt like i was punched in the mouth with a spiked bat. it's true.

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