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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

you can't be afraid. fear is what limits. FEAR is what inhibits.

rely on faith as little as possible... but never let go of it completely. because you can't control everyting, my friends. when you have nothing more than faith and trust, you will be happy you have AT LEAST that.

you have to be ready TO LOSE EVERYTHING hoping that you finally get everything.

losing everying is ok. it's starting over. it's non-lethal (believe it or not).

getting everything you want is ok too. it's better than you would ever dream.

it all really doesn't matter. all you can do is control your own reactions to these things.

change your attitude. stop living in this "i can't handle this" world. because you are handling it fine, and trust me everyone freaks out when they stare only at the tip of the mountain the whole hike.

just stay in the moment, and worry about the path ahead of you, stay calm, bide your time, and soon you will be on top of that mountain staring adversity in the face.

you are never defeated by ANYthing. you are only defeated by yourself, just like ishe in last sunday's episode of contendor. he got too cocky, he lost sight of the path ahead of him.

but see, some people don't get too cocky. they just get weighed down.

regardless, the hike is possible and it's hard hard work. but wanna know why it's so hard?

because it's worth it.

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