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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

sometimes right before a rally big day, you might find it hard to sleep. you're anxiety and worries about the upcoming day polute your mind and keep your thought racing. what if you are in for a heavy few months? how anxious does THAT make you feel?

for me, i always wonder how/if i will be able to find the strength i need. i never remember that i've survived much harder things already.

it's easy to justify my doubts, because JUST HAVING DOUBTS should be a red flag, right? if im so fine and dandy why am i suffering from cold-feet-disease? why does every step i take feel like the wrong step? why are things continuing to go wrong with every passing second?

i mean, where is there ANY relief?!?! but the truth is that NO, those things do not justify your doubts. the only thing that any of the struggle you will face confirms is that THIS WAS GOING TO BE HARD, AND YOU KNEW THAT. you knew that from the jump, man.

there is light at the end of every tunnel, and at the end of this tunnel, you will see that all that darkenss and confusion make seeing the light that much brighter and glorious.

the feeling of conquering that which stands in your way is an irreplacable feeling that is more addictive than any drug. and believe me, i've tried a lot of drugs.

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