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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

so lemme tell you what. *I* and i, and the lion in zion are going "click click click" before we reach our sonic boom. it's a tribute to the absurd, and you are all invited to suck my dick, as long as you keep those teeth in check, you nasty little turds.

i grow increasingly impatient with your inability to recognize my need for maximum lesure time. im noting if im not near a body of water, preferably my always lava-hot-hottub, sipping on a mai tai, toking onna phat one.

your i love lucy lifestyle fits me like Shaquiel O'Neil fits in a prom dress, GET ME?!

when you look at me, and start laughing, it means that you DO get it. you get me. and i thank you for laughing at the clown, becuase it helps the clown feel like he is serving his purpose.

i know where you can buy a car for $500.00. or a few cars for that much. they got it going like that all day in the spot i know bout. werdemup. pay me $20, and i will tell you where in LA to find it.

there has been a debacle with the cashflow... the viking is working to iron out the kinks. he has got my back.

i want to go see some movies at the bridge over in westchester californ-eye-eh. i have never been and a new found pallie has told me to come on down and feel the vip status. im inclined to say "HOW FUCKING SOON?!?!" but as calmly as possible, of course.

to my friends angela and stuart who are perhaps reading this post, or perhaps not... "HI!" when's your blog gonna start, eh?

and to the rest of you scum sucking pig lickers, have bonghit wishes, and hash pipe dreams. nite nite.

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