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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Saturday, April 02, 2005


RIP you sexy, infallable, parkinsons havin, birth control denouncin, shiny white suit wearing, polish bad-ass.

they shot you with a bulllet and you didn't die, you overcame disease, and went on vacation around the world on someone else's dime(thank you constituants!) and all whilst playing air guitar in that bullet proof glass box on wheels, that they caged you in.

but they had to cage you, your sexiness was a string of drool leading from your chin to your pope-outfit/bib, and it was driving the women to hysteria.

badass. i love hats. i like your hats too, pope dude. and it's so weird how similar AND different you are terry schiavo were (in the end, that is), even the timing of your two deaths. i wonder how horrified ppl would be if the pope was forced to sport the feeding tube... not that it would have helped with his urinary tract infection, fever, or failing vital organs... but it would have been equally cruel as forcing a tube up terry's but for 15 years.

i hope the new pope sucks, so that we will always remember you, John Paul part 2, as the one who rocked it the hardest.

adios, al papacito...

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