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Monday, April 18, 2005

revenge is ugly because it just is. you can watch kill bill and really get into that idea of seeking revenge, but yer not a king fu killer in some movie, and youhave to deal with life like a normal human being.

know what revenge does? it doesn't make you feel any better, and it makes you just as low down and no-good as the person who wronged you in the first place. two wrongs, remember what they dont make?

people who easily get mad think the world should be more THIS or more THAT. like sometimes when i personally lose my cool, im freaking out about "how DARE someone do that to ME!" like im some kind of prince or royalty, OR as if the person had any malicious intent.

reacting all over the place will get you in trouble in the end because temper-proned people have wild imaginations.

"did you see that old lady pull out in front of my car?! she did that on porpose to piss me offf!@@@@@@*&#Q(*&#!&@^#"

sure buddy, keep dreaming. that lil old lady didn't see you because she's old, and couldn't plan a way to piss you off (a stranger she does not know is alive) because she's senile, and doesn't know that those huge cover-all sunglasses that she wears over her prescription glasses make her look like she's wearing a virtual reality helmit.

know what? shit happens and sometimes you have to just take the lumps with a smile on your face because only immature cry babies stay at home and feel sorry for themselves.

only in the end, i have learned in several situations that zero reaction to a person or to events IS the best revenge. it is the ultimate revenge. it's like, "oh wow, you're out to sabotage me? and umm... what is your name again?" do you see what i mean? dropped like a hot potato.

not to mention that if you believe in seizing the day, carpe diem, live life NOW not LATER... then revenge is counter productive. it's working towards your past, and does nothing to promote your present and future.

not to mention that your brain affects every single cell in your entire body, and you don't want something with taht much power to harbor any negativity. it's bad chi.

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