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Sunday, April 17, 2005

it's a slippery slope when one tries to control things. they lose sight that the only control a person has is over one's self.

things aren't going to go your way the majority of the time. friends and family will let you down, and disapoint you time and time again. the harder you try and control the out come of these things, the more frustrated you will end up being.

but that's the rolling of the dice that we call life. you win some and you lose some. and while the odds are stacked against you, and it's likely you won't succeed, there's just enough chance to make the struggle worth it in the end.

im not saying that life can be equated to being a leaf floating on a river.... im saying you should be more like a powerboat on the river.

meaning that the river is life, and tyou can't control the river OR life... but you can control yourself, hence the powerboat.

but to most things, just say fuck it man. stop caring. realize before its too late that it truly doesn't matter.

so let's say you get fired from your job, you should go out and get fucking drunk as hell that night. because what are you going to do...?? go job hunting at night? deal with the issue when it matters. in the meantime live life to it's fullest.

never wait for something to happen. enjoy every second leading up to the something, and every second after it. this is YOUR life, pal, and you're a human hour glass running out of sand second by second.

don't waste whatchu got.

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