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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

i'm going to start seeing a shrink. this is not meant to be a joke, although i find it amusing for a shit ton of reasons.

anyways, if you don't know any good shrinks in your area, what do you do? THE YELLOW PAGES! i picked my shrink using the GD guidelines. GD = geograghically desirable.

why do i want to see a shrink? good question. i need help, is the answer.

sure you can call me crazy. psycho. sane. normal. homocidal. whatevs... but i don't see myself as any more or less crazy than the average american (which is still fairly high).

this won't be the first shrink i ever saw. my first one was when i was 6 years old, and the last time i saw a shrink was when i was 16 years old. no i didn't go for ten years straight, but you can safely say i know what im in for.

it's hard getting a good shrink. it's less what they know, or who refered them to you... and MORE about how well you click with that person. social chemestry, you either got it or you dont. so i might have to see a few doctors before i find one that i want to make a second appointment with.

i hope i can get by with something like once a week. i think those 3-time-a-week people are burly.

and ok, let me get more serious about why i am going. im selfish, self centered, vain, and disrespectful. i have zero self confidence, and a low tolerance for being inconvenianced. i have a terrible self image. and i want tips on how i should or should not be handling my dad situation. i don't want reconciliation anymore, but i do want retribution... so we'll see what the shrink says on that one.

and i don't know man. i just find myself feeling depressed and/or sorry for myself far too often, and im going to do something about that.

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