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Monday, April 25, 2005

i wanted a playstation portable. but i decided that was just a manufactured need that has been built in me, with clever marketing. so now i still want one, but i also want to not want one.

the best way to shop at a store is by leaving your money hidden under your car seat, and not having any of it on you. by the time you end up back at your car to fetch the money, you can't remember what you wanted that dumb shit in the store for anyways. it's the same reason i ONLY carry a $500.00 dollar bill... (no one has change for a $500)

limit your ability to easily part yourself with your money. if you're stoned and stupid, and wandering around a discount store generates an irriational need to break your piggy banks... then hide your money from yourself, the odds are when you're stoned and a danger to your own finances YOU WONT REMEMBER where the cash was in the first place.

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