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Monday, April 25, 2005

i think i want to go on a forgivness rampage. i was tld about an idea that im intrested in... and it seems crazy but, im crazy, so:

life is a dream. this ain't eral... this is all illusion. with that in mind... if someone chopped off your head in your dream, you aren't angry at them when you wake up.

i mean, perhaps you have an instant reaction, but you realize that it didn't really happen, because dreams aren't real.

life is an illusion and you should never hold a grudge because it's like holding a grudge against someone for something that you dreamt about

what happens when you forgive someone is that you also forgive a part of yourself. by allowing forgivness you grant yourself freedoms from subconscience guilts that you are unaware that you live under.

people do themselves a dis-service by seeing things as one sided.

good or bad, light or dark, love and hate, pain and pleasure. things of that nature do NOT co-exist... they are ONE. and they exist as ONE, and are manifested within eachother. yin-yang.

we are spirits, living in a world comprable to the matrix, where everything we see is an illusion, and nothing is real. it's best not to worry too much about anything. just make sure that you are able to forgive anyting that comes your way: poor health, bad luck, evil people...

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