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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

i learn all my bestest life lessons from cartoons. this has been the case all my life, why should things change in my mid twenties?

well on king of the hill, lil bobby hill didn't want to take a shower after PE class because he was scared that all the other boys were gonna talk shit cuz he's fat and had a tiny willy.

hank, his father, told him that being a man means you have to do things you don't want to do, because you just HAVE to.

it's so true. and it's not just about being a man, it's about being an adult. doing ONLY what feels good is for spoiled children, all who have no more charm than paris hilton (blick).

life is balance, and suffering is part of life. so is strife, and having every last thing thrown at you until you are sure you are going to break.

fuck man, life is hard on a daily, and it doesn't get easier, it never does. it gets harder, and the shit piles on top of the shit, and you're burried in no time.

but some people have sense enough to grab a straw so they can still get some air underneath all that bullshit, and others just submit and suffocate.

when you fight for what you want, everything will stand in your way. there's no conveyor belt that effortlessly scoots you to your goal while you take a load off your feet.

you have to jog up an esculator that is going the wrong way, and the closer you get to the top, the faster the esculator speeds in the wrong direction.

to all who have had life bitch slap you in the face with a heavy pimp hand, and rose above the struggle, and live today NOT as a survivor... but as a regular person, who's life has little or NOTHING to do with any wrong that happened.

shit happens, never take it personal... even when it's personal.

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